Zombie Walk Design

So once every year (around Halloween), the nice folks in Morgantown, WV gather together, get dressed/painted like zombies and walk down High Street to the Warner Theater and watch zombie related movies. It’s a surreal thing to see and a fun event to be a part of, so when a friend of mine started a contest to design a t-shirt for this year’s event, I went right to the drawing board.

I didn’t have a lot of free time to work on this project, so I just started drawing until I was satisfied with the layout. From the start I wanted to use a lot of vector-style symbols and a symmetrical design that was clean, only three colors and detailed yet still looked like a zombie-inspired design. My head immediately went to movies like Dawn of the Dead and video games like Dead Rising so I played off the idea of being someone who still had a pulse. Stareing at the design you’d see all the things going on in your head; weapons, ammunition, the horde coming at you and what needed to be done (remove the head or destroy the brain).

In was a fun piece to work on and nice break from I normally do. Sadly, the shirts were never made this year, but the organizers said they would definitely use it next year.

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Posted by Matt
on October 8, 2009 at 3:18 am

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