WVUBI T-Shirt Design

The West Virginia University Business Incubator (WVUBI), in addition to their main goal of helping small businesses in WV grow, also take part in many community service events around Morgantown. They decided that having some WVUBI t-shirts designed to be worn at these events would help draw interest to the company and create a more uniformed staff.

“Business Incubator” is a phrase that creates many bewildered facial expressions followed by the question, “What is a business incubator, exactly?” Knowing this, I thought that we could go without incorporating the name itself into the design and do something that is just visually stricking; An intriguing design that draws the viewer to the staff member and creates an interest. I wanted to apply the same concept to the idea of community service, and after surveying a few staff members and some research, I decided that the idea of many people with paint rollers painting would work best. This illustration also worked well because the client wanted the design to be printed on navy blue shirts while their mark had to be on a white background, so I was able to meet these requirements without simply putting a white box around the mark.

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on February 3, 2009 at 11:40 am

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