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Biometric scanners are not 100% foolproof. We’ve all seen movies where the robber breaks into the safe using a fake finger, or a copy of a fingerprint stolen from a drinking glass. Well, this biometrics company has created software to detect whether the fingerprint being scanned is coming from a live source. I wanted to incorporate this concept into the idea of fingerprint scanning.

For the illustration, the last digit of the pointer finger is slightly bent to give the illusion of pressure being exerted. From the wrist up, the squares were added to symbolize data, making the correlation between a living person and the software.

For the typography, I used a clean, sans serif font to make the logo more legible at smaller sizes. The type is also slightly oblique to give a sense of movement as well as pushing the idea of pressure being used.

I went with black in the color scheme so it would stand out easily against a light background. The teal was chosen to feel slightly organic without going too far in the obvious pure blue or green direction that almost all “bio” companies seem to use. I also chose to highlight the capitalized “ID” in black to contrast with the rest of the typography to help the viewer pronounce the company name properly, as well as push the idea of identification.

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Posted by Matt
on June 2, 2008 at 3:43 pm

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