Livin’ Swell Design is Matt Livengood: the one-man graphic design studio. I graduated with a BFA from West Virginia University in Graphic Design with an emphasis in photography. I create dynamic brand identities. I design websites, t-shirts, advertisements, posters and more for a growing client base. I can do clean, clear and concise. I can do rough, gritty and belligerent. I am print obsessive. I am detail oriented. I am constantly creating new ideas. I work late. I have fun. I love design.

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Matt Livengood
Morgantown, WV 26508

  • livinswell@gmail.com
  • LivinSwellDesign / LivinSwellMobile
  • livinswell@gmail.com
  • livinswelldesign@yahoo.com

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Please use this handy dandy form to contact me through email. Don’t forget to fill in your full name and a valid email address and click the send button only once. I respect your privacy and will not sell or give out your information. If for some reason you think this is too easy, you can also contact me at hello@livinswell.com.