Four Horsemen Logo

The very idea of this project got me excited. I love comic books, sci-fi, gaming and all that nerdy stuff. So when two guys came to me saying they were starting a comic book shop and they needed a logo, I jumped on board.

Really the only specifics the clients gave me for this project was the store’s name and that they didn’t want it to be scary. They also mentioned how they’d like something similar to Apple’s logo; an icon strong enough that it could be used without the logotype. I liked the concept so I did some research and went down several different paths before taking what I liked about each concept and molding it into one design.

In the Bible the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse rode on horses that were white, black, red, and pale green. These were obvious color choices that add a bit of depth to the design that certainly most won’t notice, but is that little something extra some will appreciate. I also put the illustration of the horse in a word balloon to not only strengthen the mark conceptually, but also allow the negative space to act as the highlight on the illustration. The smoke was added last to the icon to not only give it asymmetry and introduce the pale green color to the palette, but also give it some depth the way it breaks the word balloon. The typefaces I ended up using are two of my favorites that put a sci-fi twist on the overall design.

Sadly, some time after I finished this project, the owners started toying with the logo themselves (adding drop shadows, bevels, etc.) and even eventually removing the smoke element all together (see the metal store sign in the photo). It’s sad when clients make these kinds of decisions without your input, but it comes with the territory.

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Posted by Matt
on October 29, 2009 at 2:31 pm

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