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Imagine yourself painting using a standard easel. Now imagine you’re doing so while in a wheelchair. Doesn’t really work, does it? Well the folks at Arachnovation have designed an innovative new easel that can handle the job. It’s called the Spider Easel, named for it’s eight-legged design. Not only will it help the handicapped, but it will also hold odd shaped canvases.

For this logo design, I wanted to present the idea of an arachnid without being too “creepy” or too “playful.” Having eight legs is the similarity between the arachnid class that most consumers would identify with, so I wanted that to be the main concept portrayed in the design.

I also wanted to incorporate the fact that this company is producing an art supply. Currently, only one item is being produced, but they plan to eventually branch out into other art supplies. Using a paint brush symbolizes art in general rather than limiting itself to just easels.

The typography was designed to seem as if the “wet with paint” brush tip had just painted the company name. The matching colors push this idea further. The use of violet and black as the color scheme also keeps a safe distance from both “creepy” and “playful.”

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Posted by Matt
on April 10, 2008 at 9:52 pm

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